Whether you need an online shop, a portfolio website, an online blog or a presentation website, I can help putting all functioning bits together and then hand it over to you with instructions on how to use and update it. And more than that, I can also assist you with different tasks until you are confident using it on your own.

Why Choose Me:

• I will support you the whole way up to the point when you get confident using your online shop or website
• You get 100% ownership of your website
• No contracts
• No risk 14 day refund period
• 24/7 live preview of the site as it's being built
• You have direct contact with me, the designer. No middleman or intermediaries

How It Works

1. Draft your requirements

I am specialised in building your e-commerce, portfolio or presentation website, ready to be launched and fully functional, packed with easy-to-use advanced marketing tools.

Choose one or both of the services I provide (see below) by filling in the requested information

2. Tell me your vision

Now let’s talk about your vision. I will contact you within 48 hours of sending your requirements.

You will be asked to find up to 3 similar websites that you like the look of, which will be the inspiration for the project.

3. Requirements Analysis

Based on your requirements and the examples you provide, I make an analysis and provide you with a quotation.

4. I build your website

If you are happy with the quotation I start working on your website.

Inspired by the examples you provide, I will put together a first draft of a design for your website.

You will receive a link to explore and interact with the site as I build it.

During this time you can visit your website through the provided link and you can make suggestions on the go of tweaks that need making.

5. Handover

Now your website is complete and fully functional, designed as you suggested and ready to go live. It is time to transfer the ownership to you, link the final connections to your personal business details, domain name, email and social integrations.

Once the website is ready to go live, I will provide an overview of your website’s dashboard, teaching you how to use it effectively and how to manage your customers, orders and marketing.

Available Services

Website Design

Your Website is your most important member of staff, it just works in a different world. It's there to provide information about your brand, product or service and make sales. It's often your first point of contact with a customer and often the most neglected.


Website Management

• Not feeling confident managing your online shop or website?

• You have an outdated website that needs a fresh new look?
• You need a website and don’t know where to start?

I give advice or even can take over and help you manage your website for you.